New Minnesota Bill Helps Fight Catalytic Converter Theft

on January 30, 2023

Introduced this month, HF 30 would require scrap dealers to electronically log details of each catalytic converter purchase. Aside from recording identifying characteristics of the part, scrapyard workers must also document seller details and time of sale.

New bill and tool join fight against catalytic converter thefts -- Michelle Thompson Repairer Driven News

Catalytic converter theft is on the rise and it’s costing car owners thousands of dollars in repairs. Whether you own a Honda or a BMW, a wide range of cars are being targeted by thieves looking to steal these valuable parts from underneath vehicles. Not only can this be costly for repair bills but also very inconvenient if your vehicle needs to sit at the shop while they search for replacements or try to fix the damage done. To help combat this crime states like Minnesota are taking action.

Our friends at Repairer Driven News have broken down the legislation and what you can do to prevent this costly crime from happening to you.

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